About us

On the realization of a widespread platform and basement exclusively for the coastal area CBOS, NGOs and non-profit initiatives along with farming and coastal communities, an assemblage of likeminded civil society initiatives and people joined hand in hand with CVN from the Eastern Ghats and the state Andhra Pradesh and its coastal districts thus came to existence the Coastal Area Network. There are number of NGOs and societies engaged in voluntary social service, they are dedicated and with a mind of oneness and to work for the common social cause assiduously, but they lack competency, resources, experts, guidance and many such necessary supports. And consequently CVN is a network of such NGOs, the coastal lives, farming rural families and people-centered CBOs in rural and coastal areas. It is a registered society under Societies Registration Act 2001 of 35 with Registration No.90/2014 through groups of volunteer organizations’ network for socio-economic-marine-sustainable agriculture and Livelihood development and empowerment.

As a resourceful and leading Network of Organizations CVN since its inception, is working on costal fishing families’ development, bio-technology based marine technology, costal agriculture (Seaweed/alage) agriculture, socio economic and environmental development particularly in the districts of Andhra Pradesh and with special emphasis over Nellore, Prakasam, Guntur, Krishna, East Godavari and Vishakhapatnam Districts. CVN serves the poor, needy, down trodden and weaker sections irrespective of caste, creed and religion and it is purely a civil society, nonprofit and secular resource agency.

The network has initiated and has expertise on various thematic activities like agriculture like costal agriculture, organic farming, ecology and ocean science, Bio-Diversity, Ecological balancing, Ocean technology, Earth Science, etc. and undertakes studies related to such issues, formulating solutions and many such activities ocean & marine technology, hi-tech farming, sustainable agriculture practices, NPM & IPM techniques, the issues of Earth’s changes, Climate Changes, Early warning systems, steps to be taken-up to safe guard the Earth/environment, eco-restoration and ecological balancing, environment protection, livelihood options based on eco-farmer friendly agriculture practices, value addition programmes etc.

The CVN has now a strong network of more than 50 NGOs, 400 CBOs and it has formed and nurtured 25 strong and wide community clubs and organizations. The CVN invites voluntary partnership in its all activities and projects from NGOs, CBOs and individuals.

Our mission

Our mission promote an accordance among the costal and rural lives and to offer every resourceful and competent service needed through people-centred participation, knowledge development and governance and to endorse the CBOs, Civil societies, non-profits and grassroots NGOs for development, conservation and empowerment of natural resources, agriculture, marine technologies, rural/costal lives, Rights, livelihoods, flora and fuanna.

Our vision

We forecast a universe in which every human being and living life enjoy better development admittance and prospects san any segregation, utilizing their rights sharing every opportunity in a sound and balanced environment and accordance.

Our structure

Our executive committee

GB- General Body, EC- Executive Committee and AB-Advisory Board
  • Executive Director
  • Vice President
  • General Secretary
  • Joint Secretary
  • Treasurer
: D. Praveen Paul
: N. Udaya Raju
: Dr. Peter Thomas
: R. K. Kotta
: B. Mohan Rao (Ph. D)

Our strategies

CVN’s projects/activities and programmes are of civic demand and need based only, which are evolved from its studies of rural issues and resources. In order to reach out the needy beneficiaries and areas and to make sure its activities successful, CVN has certain ideologies and philosophy giving supreme apprehension and participation of the people. Our main strategies are:

  • Networks with resourceful and likeminded NGOs/Agencies/Dep/CBOs
  • Community Structures and Capacity Building
  • Advocacy and Lobbying and linkages
  • Participation and leadership
  • Action Research and Information Dissemination
  • Research and Feasibility Studies and project formulation
  • Support and project implementation services

Our target groups

Civil society, NGOs, CBOs, Costal fishing & other families, SCs/STs, PTGs, Dalits, Women & Children, Rural Resource Poor, Artisans, Forest Dwelling/Dependent communities, Farming Communities etc.

Our focus of work

Networks of CBOs/Civil societies/NGOs, Community Development, Rural Infrastructures, Watersheds, Marine Agriculture, Marine/Ocean technology, Costal Agriculture/Seaweed cultivation, Rural Livelihood, Agriculture and Ecological Development, Environment and Forest Resource Conservation, Skills Development, Water & Sanitation, Disaster/Calamity Relief/Rehabilitation, Protection of endangering and jeopardizing flora/fauna/monuments/cultures etc.