(A Consortium of Grassroots level CBOs, NGOs and Non-Profits)

Empowering the Coastal Lives and Areas through Networks of CBOs, NGOs and Non-Profits

CVN- Basic Values
The coastal and rural areas empowerment is the advance of people’s basic development only! Our nation’s potency and the very culture, heritage, harmony, resources, outright and authentic working force, indigenous techniques and etc. dwell over the rural areas. The rural farming communities and coastal/rural workers are the people who feed us and our nation! And so an amalgamated basement involving them and their indigenous knowledge, working strength and commitment, is essential for not only their own but also for all the communities’ and our country’s development. The flora and fauna and all the living creatures has Right to live on Earth!! Without them no human being can survive and live on earth. Therefore, realizing these factual and alarming truths, CVN firmly holds that it will be a peccadillo and disproportion if we don’t support and contribute to the development of rural lives and to save our marine resources and environment.

Thus CVN believes that the development claims of any realm, area and sector wouldn’t be true if ignored the potentiality and development of rural population!! And since India is a country in which there are thousands of castes, sub castes, beliefs and rituals, it is inevitable each and everyone to come together on a platform of unity, accordance and oneness for the genuine development cause forgetting all sorts of segregations holding hands on hands.

Our Projects

Organic Farming

Since inception CVN is focusing on promoting sustainable agriculture over its working areas of Nellore and Guntur districts though networks with CVN-formed Farmers Clubs and NGOs...

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Awareness Creation

Awareness creation plays a great and unique part in bringing success to positive changes and development imitative...

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RRC-Eastern Coastal Area

CVN has established a regional resource center for eastern coastal areas CBOs, NGOs, Non-profit initiatives and people at Katevaram...

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Our Working Areas

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CVN presently works over Nellore, Guntur, Prakasam, East Godavari, Krishna and Vishakhapatnam districts, Andhra Pradesh and over the Eastern Ghats areas of southern India.