Our Projects

Our Projects and Activities

Sustainable Agriculture Practices (Organic Farming)
Since inception CVN is focusing on promoting sustainable agriculture over its working areas of Nellore and Guntur districts though networks with CVN-formed Farmers Clubs and NGOs. So far this very activity of promoting the eco-farmer friendly approaches utilizing the indigenous agro-knowledge of farming communities reaching 500 acres and a network of more than 250 farming families covering 15 villages.

Analyzing the response of the farmers, the successive level of the activity, we are to take-up the initiatives to other needy areas in the coming years.

Awareness Creation Activities
Awareness creation plays a great and unique part in bringing success to positive changes and development imitative. Since there are many illiterates and ignorant people, they are important activities for CVN. The programmes cover the rural and coastal areas of Guntur, Nellore and East Godhavari districts:

  • Early warning systems of cyclone, tsunami and ocean changes
  • Income Generation Schemes/activities for rural lives
  • Consumer Rights and Adulteration
  • Human Rights and Women’s Human Rights
  • Legal Awareness – Basics
  • Domestic Violence and Atrocities and trafficking of children & women
  • Health-common, personal hygiene – girls and women & Sanitation
  • Govt. Schemes and On-going Programmes
  • Labour Rights and Statutory Aspects
  • Need for environment protection and ecological balancing

Formation of Community Clubs and Networks
The activity includes formation and nurturing of specific community structures with only the farming communities of rural areas for better agro-practices and development. We provide common platform for sharing, savings, trainings, and participation etc. We also provide linkages for the clubs with research organizations, Govt. & other Agencies for inputs, knowledge and other supports. So far there are 95 FCCs with 25 to 30 members in each club.

Rural Skills Development and Income Generation
Rural skills development of poor people and provision of income generation through cottage industries/ job placements etc is one of the main concerns of CVN. Some of imparted trainings are:

  • Value addition to seeds/crops and seafood
  • Tailoring and Embroidery
  • Seaweed Cultivation feasibility Studies
  • Bio-Technology based agriculture in both on land and coastal areas
  • Trainings and support for animal husbandry and purchasing

Regional Resource Center (RRC-Eastern Coastal Area):
CVN has established a regional resource center for eastern coastal areas CBOs, NGOs, Non-profit initiatives and people at Katevaram to contribute to the Conservation of forest Bio-diversity and to the enhancement of livelihoods for the forest dependent\dwelling communities.

The RRC-ECA throughout the past two years onwards facilitates identifying different areas of livelihoods, value additions, FRA, agriculture, health, education, REGS etc. to the forest dependent communities and initiated pilot activities with the guidance and support from Resource Agencies. Also developed wide Networks / Collaboration with Local Governments and other Govt. Departments etc… in assisting to implement and organize various developmental programs/activities, trainings and workshops.
Objectives of the RRC-ECA

  • To facilitate to develop capacity and expand the membership of the existing networks
  • To play key roles empowering the coastal/forest dependent/dwelling/agriculture communities on forestry, marine/coastal/natural resources and making the CBOs, EDCs, VSs self-reliant institutions.
  • To disseminate information on all aspects of development needed to the partner networks and communities.
  • To enhance capacities and promote networking of CBOs, NGOs and communities, to regional level through conducting trainings, classes, workshops and meetings.
  • To facilitate and work for lobbying and advocacy of key issues in general.
  • Conduct research studies on issues, design project proposals and seek funding for the consortium or networks.
  • To provide guidance, planning, strategies, monitoring and evaluation in all the activities/projects of the partner networks.
  • To development network-partners delivering aid and providing essential public-private services of Govt. and CSR initiatives.
  • To offer effective mechanism and collaboration across social and voluntary service sector through Sustainability of a long-term Consortium learning community.

Our Working Areas

CVN presently works over Nellore, Guntur, Prakasam, East Godavari, Krishna and Vishakhapatnam districts, Andhra Pradesh and over the Eastern Ghats areas of southern India.